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the lutheran house at chautauqua

The Lutheran House 2022 Co-hosts

Greetings from Denise & Doug

Lutheran House family,

We look forward to serving as your new cohosts with June Trenty this coming season as Chautauqua programming returns to full swing.

For those who have not yet experienced the revitalized first floor, we hope the upcoming season is your time to enjoy it! Plans for summer 2022 include a new full bathroom on the second floor! Additionally, all of the toilets will be replaced with chair height, fully accessible ones. Also planned is cleaning the carpet in the stairwells plus second and third floors.

Beginning with this newsletter, the off‐season address will be ours in Westerville, OH (Columbus area). The House email will remain the same, lutheranhousehost@gmail.com.

With anticipation of a wonderful new chapter for the Lutheran House,

Denise Sager & Doug Kirsop

Lutheran Chautauqua Association Governance

The Lutheran House organized in 1903 is a non-profit owned by the Lutheran Chautauqua Association (LCA). It is not affiliated with any Lutheran church or synod; therefore it is dependent entirely on rental income, offerings, donations and special bequests for support.

Annual Meetings of the Lutheran Chautauqua Association are held on Sunday of the fifth week of the Chautauqua Season.

A nine-member Board of Directors elected at the annual meeting, governs and maintains the House and engages a host/hostess who plans and administers Lutheran House activities.

All Lutherans and non-Lutherans are invited to join the Association, attend the Annual Meetings and participate in activities that make the Lutheran House a welcoming home. You may join by making an annual contribution of $10 for an individual or $20 for a family. Non-Lutherans may join by making the same annual contribution, becoming Associate Members.

Lutheran Association Endowment

Everyone is invited to make a gift to the Endowment Fund, including our friends from other denominations. LCA members and Associate members are invited to become a Life Member of the Lutheran Chautauqua Association by contribution of $1,000. This can be in one lump sum or spread out over three years in equal installments. Contact the President of the Board of Directors for further information about gifts for the Lutheran House.


The 2022-2023 Board of Directors 

Kurt Johnson, President

Doug Kirsop, Vice President


Marnie Brown, Secretary

Pr. Phil Roushey,

Pr. Ann Schmid

Sandy Hoehn

John Blomquist

Pr. Kathy Haueisen

Pr. Brian Armen

Contact Board Members with any Concerns or to Volunteer.

About the association

The mission of the Lutheran Chautauqua Association is to provide a Lutheran identity on the grounds of the Chautauqua Institution through witness, worship, fellowship, hospitality and recreation.


(716) 357-2135 (Late June to End of August)
Address: 25 Peck Avenue, Box 1108, Cautauqua, NY, 14722

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